Dyalá Jiménez

Dyalá Jiménez is a Costa Rican national and specializes in international arbitration. She is frequently appointed as arbitrator in institutional and ad hoc arbitrations, both in commercial and investor-State disputes. She is a member of the ICSID panel of conciliators and arbitrators for Costa Rica.

Dyalá worked in Shearman & Sterlin’s Paris office and at the International Chamber of Commerce for seven years. She also worked in two law firms in Santiago, Chile and in 2011 set up DJ Arbitraje. Who’s Who Legal and Chambers & Partners has highlighted her work.

She is author of numerous publications (visit www.djarbitraje.com) and has taught in Lead University in Costa Rica in 2017, as well as Universidad de Chile and the Heidelberg/Universidad de Chile LLM Programme in Chile, from 2004 to 2013. Dyalá is a founding member of the ICC Latin American Arbitration Group, the International Arbitration Institute (IAI), and the Asociación Latinoamericana de Arbitraje (ALARB). She served as co-editor-in-chief of the ICC Bulletin and Vice President of the ICC ADR and Arbitration Commission briefly before her appointment as Minister in the Costa Rican government.

From July 2018 to August 2020, Dyalá served as Minister of Foreign Trade of Costa Rica and in such capacity was in charge of public policy on exports and foreign direct investment, as well as representing Costa Rica before the World Trade Organization. In that role, she also led the country's efforts to become the 38th member of the Organization for Cooperation and Development OECD, which included passing 14 laws and undertaking a series of administrative and political reforms. In addition, as minister she chaired the Board of Directors of the Foreign Trade Promotion Agency and was a member of the Board of Directors of the Costa Rican Fisheries Institute.

Dyalá works in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

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Selected engagements

The following is a selection of cases. It does not include, among others, ongoing cases.

Chair of Arbitral Tribunal

    • ICC case with seat in Mexico between two private companies concerning a power purchase agreement
    • Arbitration according to the CeCAP Panamanian rules with seat in Panama between a State entity and a private company emanating from a construction contract
    • Arbitration according to the CeCAP Panamanian rules with seat in Panama between private companies related to a construction contract
    • ICC case with seat in Peru between a private company and a State entity regarding public utilities
    • ICC case with seat in Peru between a State-owned entity and a private party related to the petroleum industry
    • Ad hoc arbitration with seat in Santiago, Chile, between private parties related to the construction industry
    • ICC case with seat in Mexico between private parties related to a supply and sales contract

Sole Arbitrator/Emergency Arbitrator

    • ICC emergency arbitration between a private party and a State-owned entity with seat in Panama related to the construction industry
    • ICC emergency arbitration between private parties with seat in Panama related to the real estate industry
    • ICC emergency arbitration between private parties with seat in Brazil related to a supply and services contract
    • Sole arbitrator in ICC proceedings between private parties with seat in Santiago, Chile, regarding a sales and distribution agreement

Coarbitrator/Member of panel

    • ICC arbitration with seat in El Salvador between private parties related to the telecommunications industry
    • ICSID member of panel of arbitrators in annulment proceedings


    • Counsel to respondent in two related CCA Costa Rican arbitration rules cases between a construction company and a State entity related to two projects
    • Co-counsel to respondent in a CCBC Brazilian arbitration rules case with seat in Brazil between two private parties related to purchase of petroleum products
    • Co-counsel to claimant in AAA/ICDR case with seat in the United States between an American company and a Costa Rican company related to a sales agreement
    • Co-counsel to claimant in ICC arbitration with seat in Spain, in a dispute between private parties related to a concession agreement
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Accreditations & Membership
  • CEDR Investor-state mediation training (30 hours) 
  • Co-moderator OGEMID discussion group 
  • Latin American Arbitration Association, ALARB 
  • International Arbitration Institute 
  • ICC Latin American Arbitration Group 
  • Costa Rican Bar Association 
  • Vice President of the ICC ADR and Arbitration Commission (2017-2018) 
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